Digital Marketing Coordinator (Part-time/Full-time)

Job Category: Marketing
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Vancouver
Job Experience: 2

roomvu would like to open its doors and invite students or new graduates to have the chance of gaining some work experience in the tech industry. Ever tried to apply for a job, but that company’s entry-level position requires at least 2 years experience? (What’s with that?) This is your chance to truly get that much-needed experience that you need to kickstart your career in digital media.


  • Working closely with our development and marketing team to helping them achieve their goals of growing our business and user acquisition.
  • Creating and executing on strategies to maximize user acquisition.
  • Planning, creating and measuring digital acquisition campaigns.
  • Owning, building, and evolving a user growth model that informs the business on product health and growth trajectory.
  • Improving dashboards, reports, and metrics to help provide clarity around business and growth performance.
  • Uncovering, presenting and acting on insights that are discovered through quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • Seeing your insights come to life by working with Product Designers/Managers to A/B test ideas throughout the customer journey.
  • Prioritizing efforts to drive user retention and revenue.
  • Supporting Product Designers/Managers to think through complex problems and help answer questions using data and insights.
  • Presenting data and insights in a clear and concise manner through the use of visuals, slide decks, and in unconventional ways.
  • Creating and managing roomvu’s social media accounts.
  • Creating and curating digital content on the roomvu platform.
  • Contributing to the product strategy by submitting proposals for further business opportunities.


  • Has or is working on a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Statistics, Sociology, Communication or similar discipline.

Bonus Skills (Not Strictly Required but nice to have)

  • Good technical understanding of social media and PR environment using customer data to uncover trends in customer behavior analyzing customer trends.
  • Good understanding of digital marketing concepts such as cookie-based data collection, attribution modeling, AB/N & multivariate testing and developing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content.
  • Proven design sensibility to envision how content should be effectively presented or distributed for the most optimal user experience throughout a variety of media including, but not limited to, websites, social media, digital signs, and print materials.
  • Should be eager to learn and understand customer desires, demographics, needs, wants, habits, behaviors, usage patterns, all with the goal of creating a holistic understanding of our customers and potential customers.
  • Strong proficiency and experience with Google Analytics (or similar web analytics tools), SEO strategies, social media, and accessibility standards.
  • Knowledge of remarketing strategies and application of remarketing pixels/code/ event code etc. would be an asset.
  • Proficiency with the WordPress platform.
  • Experience with data management, digital and social analytics.
  • Excellent data analysis skills and a team player.
  • Excellent professional communication skills both verbal and written.

About Us and 

Roomvu is a Real Estate Tech startup that helps Realtors convert their Audience to Leads. creates automated and branded, data-rich marketing videos and profiles for realtors. The automated videos in the profiles combined with a lead generating landing pages create a unique experience for Realtors to communicate with their network and convert them into trusting leads. We have built a fully scalable video content creation factory based on our own content library and automated market stats and create downloadable video content for realtors across North America. From recent news to market reports, Realtors are able to get branded video reports at the click of a button.

Our service provider driven division creates listing marketing for realtors through automated tools and a distributed network of Photographers (e.g. video, photos, VR, etc.)

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